Cutting-Edge Biotechnologies & Proprietary Ingredients

SBI Pharma Therapeutics Inc. a global player in the biotechnology industry, provides a wide range of cutting-edge health care solutions. We operate as a provider of raw materials and ingredients for commercial entities and private label companies worldwide seeking to meet market demands.

We also provide consultancy services on product development, training and support for marketing and distribution channel.

We have set ourselves apart with our proprietary production technologies, ingredients, expertise, and laboratories all inspired by European biological therapies to offer your business the materials, formulations and premium branding you need to make your brand a market leader.

Specific & Broad Range of Applications

Cellular Repair & Regeneration

Degenerative & Aging Diseases

Skin Texture & Appearance (Brightening)

Skin Disorder & Pigmentation

Slimming & Muscle Building

Libido Enhancement

Rheumatism, Arthritism & Other Inflammatory Conditions

Halal Application for Skincare & Functional Food

Hormonal Imbalances

Heavy Metal Detoxifications

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We offer you our products in a variety of forms:

Softgel Capsules
Cream & Lotion
Freeze Dried
Hard Capsule