Product Validation against disparaging remarks

  |   MF+, SBI Europe

3rd August 2016

To Whom It May Concern

Verification on Disparaging Claims

It has come to our attention that certain allegations are being made about the origins and contents of our MF Plus range of products.

We would like to refute and categorically deny that our Nano Oral Peptides (formerly know as NANO CELLS) are from China. It is impossible to manufacture and export out of China without going through the SFDA (Ministry of Health, China).

We would like to clarify that the source of the said products are as such:

Placenta HP source from rabbit
Thymus HT
Revitalisation Range HR 500mg
Lyophillised Peptides 600mg
MF+ Plaque Therapy source from vegetal
VP TSRRP source from vegetal
Frozen Oral Peptides  (FOP)  previously known as FFE source from sheep
Frozen Oral Cryogenics (FOC) previously known as FFC source from sheep
NANO ORAL PEPTIDES (NOP) previously known as Nano Cell Extracts source from rabbit
MITO ORGANELLES (MO) source from rabbit

We would like to assure you that there is no truth in these allegations that are being spread by envious individuals/parties with malicious and ulterior motives; and we are exploring our legal options against these unscrupulous and unethical parties.

We hold steadfast in our committment in providing you superior product with unrivalled quality and we thank you for your committment to our brand and products and we look forward to serving you better.

For and on behalf of MF Plus Ltd.