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About SBI

Bridging Links On Achieving Optimal Wellness

Stellar Biomolecular Innovations Inc. is a private entity founded by a group of dedicated investors and visionaries who are leading the way forward on the future of biomolecular research and development in regenerative therapies. SBI, offering a diverse array of cutting-edge technologies, heralds a new beginning for medical practitioners who are seeking alternative solutions that offer regenerative solutions against accelerated aging, chronic and debilitating diseases. There are rejuvenation solutions for those opting for a more efficient and thorough protocol on beauty and optimal wellness.

Currently, the company has a portfolio of four in-house brands viz. MF Plus, SC Pro, VS Forte and LAB RMS. It also holds special distribution rights for leading international brands on supplements and skin care. SBI Inc., with an array biomolecular peptides and phyto cell product portfolio, collaborates with an R&D team in Germany to help develop new and existing therapeutic products as it continues to innovate for the next generation.