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Biomolecular Peptide Therapies

AlfaCholine & AlfaCholine PROA Breakthrough Multi-Effective 3-in-1 Supplement
for Superior Metabolic Functions
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Therapy for your heart, liver, kidney and blood vesselsFind Out More
Longevity & Vitality FormulaHollistic supplement to support longevity and vitalityFind Out More
Performance & Fitness FormulaHollistic supplement for optimal physical performance
and cellular metabolism support
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Liposomal NMN Ultra BoosterAdvanced cellular regeneration for healthy agingFind Out More
Phytowhite PEPFor radiant, youthful skinFind Out More

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A future that seems financially and environmentally challenged often accelerates the stress that leads to degeneration and disease.

We live in a state of altered ease or disease. Regenerative Medical Solutions focuses on breakthrough concepts, technologies and treatments that counter the effects of aging and regenerate life.

Peptides are the focus of the LAB RMS line of therapies. Peptide-based therapeutics now represent one of the fastest growing classes of the health and wellness industry.

Today, LAB RMS has explored new therapeutic ingredients that work synergistically with new cutting edge products in detoxification to help achieve vibrant regeneration in the body.

The LAB RMS range are includes:

Muscle-building and Slimming
Joint Health and Anti-Inflammation
Sexual Health and Libido Enhancement
Aesthetic Tissue Regeneration

Total Face and Body Whitening
Immunotherapy with GcMAF and HMW Hyaluronic Acid
Heavy metal detoxification
Plaque Control Against Fatty Liver & Cardio Degeneration